Ever since the internet got popular, our youngsters are drooling over global motorcycles because they’re superior in every aspect. Lets compare HONDA CB125F GLOBAL VS LOCAL and find out what are the actual differences.

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The Global variants is the one which is getting proper updates in terms of design, riding ergonomics, engine and other mechanical bits n pieces. The 2021 Honda CB125F gets a new styling and all digital instrumental cluster. It gets some tweaks done to the engine and gets refined over all. Its is priced at around 3,000 euros.

Local HONDA CB125F:
The local variant of Honda CB125F is commonly supposed to a reworked deluxe and this is correct to some extent. The frame and engine are mostly the same with addition of self starter. The local CB125 carries same old OHV motor which is very popular due to its robust nature. It is priced at 187,500 pkr.

Why Different:
Global products are priced in a local currency and no one would like to buy a 125cc commuter motorcycle for 5lac rupees. Hence motorcycles are locally manufactured in Pakistan and little behind the global world!

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