Ultimate Engine Oil for your Motorcycle

Motorcycle riders are becoming more aware about their machines and they are always in quest of finding the Ultimate Engine Oil for their motorcycles. Some people recommend to use only manufacturer specified engine oil and some recommend using after market engine oils. Before suggesting the Ultimate Engine Oil for your Motorcycle lets look into engine oil types.

Mineral Engine Oils:
Mineral Engine oils are extracted from natural petroleum(crude oil) and refined to use. They are also treated with different additives to make them last longer but as they’re natural composits, they tend to wear out a lot quicker and leave sludge as a by product. Mineral oils are easily available and affordable.

Synthetic Engine Oils:
Synthetic engine oils are chemically formulated in laboratories and they’re used for high end or performance machines. These oils are purpose built to last long and perform better in tough conditions. These oils are usually expensive and difficult to source.

Semi Synthetic Engine Oils:
Semi Synthetic engine oils are also called blends, they’re part mineral, part synthetic oils. Semi synthetic oils are relatively easy to afford and have both the properties of synthetic and mineral oils.

Which is the ultimate engine oil:
Usually engine oil is recommended by keeping riding conditions, environment ,temperature and type of use in Mind. My personal experience is that in modern day commuter motorcycles, Semi Synthetic Engine oils perform best, they don’t cost too much and perform excellent.

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