Tourism on two Wheels is ban in Pakistan

Pakistan was nature’s best kept secret till the date there was no internet, there was no medium to show the world that how beautiful Pakistan is,This was us the bikers who traveled the lengths and breadths of Pakistan to show the world that what an amazing country we are and now we are forbidden to travel. This is a serious mistake because I think a biker is more safe, secure and dedicated while he is on a tour.

Before we begin an further, let me clarify that every lunatic riding a motorcycle without a helmet, any safety precautions and proper gears is no way near to be called as BIKER. In fact Biker is one who shares the road with others and rides along in very respectable manner with all of the basic necessities fulfilled.I guess the lunatics are being visualized as bikers.

We Bikers as a community are deeply saddened and we request the government and other institutes to re think the judgement and allow bikers to travel again in Pakistan. We have been portraying the soft image and our beautiful country to the world, Please don’t take away this right from us.
Bikers Community of Pakistan

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