Yamaha YB125Z DX 2023 Grey color

Yamaha YB125Z DX 2023 Launched In New Color

Yamaha Motor Pakistan was flaunting the launch of a new motorcycle on their social media for a couple of days. Many people had different anticipations about the launch of a 110 or 150cc motorcycle. Many thought that Saluto 110 is coming to Pakistan. Few thought the Yamaha XTZ150 is being launched. A sneak pic of Yamaha YB125Z DX 2023 is revealed, it is launched in a new color.

Yamaha YB125Z DX 2023 Grey color

The Yamaha YB125Z DX is the premium version of YB125Z (Spoke rims variant). DX has additional stickers and alloy wheels to offer as premium product. Now the YB125Z DX is launched in a new color which is a new bluish-grey metallic. A sad moment for all Yamaha fans who were expecting a new motorcycle this time.

The other features of YB125Z DX are standard as the previous version. The DX is now available in a 4th color. Yamaha is vertically expanding its product line by launching different variations. A new motorcycle is not being launched. There are many reasons for it, especially since the economic conditions of Pakistan are not favorable to launch an entirely new product.

Whats new in new Yamaha

There is nothing much to the new grey YB125Z DX. It’s just another color variant in Yamaha’s lineup. It seems like Yamaha has struck a deal with paint manufacturing companies.

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