Squared wheeled Bicycle

Squared Wheeled Bicycle, Will It Work?

Since the start of time, the wheel has moved us. The evolution has been real and the wheel has transformed into the shape we see today. But have you ever wondered what if the wheel was square? A daredevil has developed a squared-wheeled bicycle, will it work? Let’s find out

Squared wheeled Bicycle

Even though the caveman also realized that to make the journey comfortable wheel should be round. Still daredevils and creative engineers at the Youtube channel The Q have managed to reinvent the wheel. They have developed a squared-wheeled bicycle that runs as smoothly as the conventional wheel.

Can a bicycle be squared-wheeled?

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The idea of unconventional tyres is not new, years ago Mythbusters TV Channel also did the same with a pickup truck. The results were horrible as the ride was very bumpy and jumpy. They tried running offset wheels (edges) but still, the ride was not up to the mark. The squared-wheeled bicycle is different because the engineers were very creative.

Squared Wheeled Bicycle
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Just like tank tracks, they have used the same technology. This seems to be a small tank track rolling on the road. The ride is smooth and takes minimal effort to keep the momentum going. Rest the bicycle steers and rides like a simple bicycle.

The engineers shared their views that they just developed this bicycle for fun. This build is not done to serve some testing or some purpose. They were getting bored and thought to do something out of the box. That’s what kept them going and the end result was a unique piece of art. The Squared wheel bicycle definitely raised eyebrows and made people suspicious, A job well done!

Ideation is the key to innovation, if your ideas don’t scare you then they are not big enough and if you can dream about something, chances are it can be real! We as a nation need to step up our game and get out of the cheap fuel mentality.

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