New Yamaha Motorcycles 2024

What’s new in the new Yamaha Motorcycle?

Pakistan is among those countries of the world where motorcycles are widely used. On our roads, the majority of the population commutes on motorcycles. According to a survey, 43% of Pakistanis roam around on motorcycles. This means that Pakistanis love motorcycles and they do. They are always anticipating new models and variants. Yamaha is also launching its new models in Pakistan. Let’s see what’s new in the new Yamaha Motorcycle.

A new shade of adventure

A few days earlier, Yamaha Motor Pakistan posted on their Facebook page a video that shows a new motorcycle is about to reveal. The caption stated a new shade of adventure and many people know that Yamaha is about to launch a new color in one of their motorcycles. As per our information through a Yamaha dealer, Yamaha is launching 02 new colors in their motorcycles. Yamaha YBR125G and Yamaha YB125Z DX both are going to get a refresh.

New Yamaha Motorcycles 2024

As per Yamaha dealers, the new color will help in increasing the product variety while the range will remain the same. Yamaha YB125Z DX is popular among enthusiasts while the YBR125G is also popular among youngsters and travelers. The new color schemes are also different in both motorcycles.

The YB125Z DX is anticipated to be launched in Grey color from Yamaha while the YBR125G is in copper color. Globally, Yamaha is a renowned motorcycle brand but in Pakistan, things are not well for them. If we compare motorcycle usage percentages, India has a 47% ratio of its population using 2-wheelers. The variety of motorcycles to choose from in India is too much compared to Pakistan.

Pakistanis have the purchasing power and taste for a better motorcycle. Yamaha should revive its spirit in Pakistan and relaunch some better motorcycles in Pakistan now. Enough 125cc motorcycles are on the road, it’s time to diversify! Keep following us for more updates.

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