COUGAR 90/90-18

COUGAR 90/90-18 Tubeless Tyre Launched

Unlike Pakistan’s automobile industry, the tyre industry is doing much better. Surprisingly, Pakistan is self-sufficient in tyre industry and has a good volume in exporting tyres across the globe. Pakistan-manufactured tyres are exported to many Central Asian, European and Middle Eastern Countries. Now the tyre manufacturers have started improving their product range and variety in Pakistan too. Panther Tyres has launched COUGAR 90/90-18 Tubeless Tyre for motorcycle enthusiasts in Pakistan. Here is all you should know about COUGAR 90/90-18.

COUGAR 90/90-18

Panther Tyres Ltd is a pioneer tyre manufacturing firm in Pakistan. They started developing and perfecting tyres locally which helped them grow as the most selling national brand in Pakistan. Panther Tyres constant development and striving for perfection has kept the competition on their toes. Their newest launch is COUGAR which is a new and different product for Pakistani motorcycle enthusiasts.


COUGAR is a block pattern, dual-purpose motorcycle tyre which is manufactured specifically for Pakistan’s road conditions.COUGAR has big chunky blocks and deep grooves, the block pattern helps in providing grip in different road conditions. The grooves help in providing grip during rain or slippery conditions. Panther Tyres has developed a wet grip technology which helps in eliminating water from tread patterns and providing a dry surface for more grip.


COUGAR is launched in 90/90-18 and fits major 125 and 150cc premium motorcycles in Pakistan. This tyre can fit on all Yamaha variants, Honda CB125,150F, Suzuki GS 150 and GR150 Series.COUGAR is available as a TUBELESS tyre but it can also be used as a tube-type tyre with spoke rims. The design of COUGAR competes with imported tyres like TIMSUN, DSI and MRF but at a very reasonable price. COUGAR is available for around 5600 rupees in motorcycle markets and it will be available at Panther Tyres Daraz store too! Do let us know if you like COUGAR or not.

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