Yamaha Saluto 110

Yamaha Saluto 110, Game changer for Yamaha in Pakistan

In the automobile world, every company wants to have a popular variant of its simplest-to-use and affordable vehicle. Just like Ford Model T was for Ford, Yamaha Saluto 110 can be a game changer for Yamaha in Pakistan. Let’s find out the specs, features, and estimated price of the Saluto 110. Also, we will try to figure out if there are any chances Yamaha Motor Pakistan will bring it to Pakistan or not.

Yamaha Saluto 110 Specs:

When it comes to the specs, the Saluto is a basic commuter motorcycle. It has a single-cylinder air-cooled overhead cam engine which is designed for smooth and vibration-free rides. Mated to a 4-speed gearbox it has enough torque to move around the city. Saluto 110 makes 7hp of power from its engine and has a top speed of 90 kmph which is decent for a basic motorcycle.

Yamaha Saluto 110

Saluto 110 Features:

Saluto 110 has a modern design and features to offer, it comes with well-planted telescopic forks and alloy wheels. The design is modern and sporty but suits regular riding. The fuel tank is well-designed and has an overall capacity of 9 liters. The motorcycle comes with a UBS system which stands for Unified Braking System. UBS system helps to stop the front tyre when the rear tyre brake is applied to provide safer braking. Other than that the other rider aids, instrumental cluster and switches are industry standard.

Saluto 110

Estimated Price:

The estimated price of Saluto 110 is around 175,000 to 200,000 rupees in Pakistan. (As per conversion rates)

Launch Plan in Pakistan?

As of now, Yamaha has no such plans of launching the Saluto 110 in Pakistan. They had the launch plan earlier and conducted extensive surveys for that. Many end consumers were interviewed and their preferences were noted for this matter. Yamaha ended up scrapping the plan of the Saluto 110 and continued with YBR125 Series in Pakistan. Now the YBR125 has gone out of reach and Yamaha should consider launching Saluto 110.

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