Russian Fuel in Pakistan

How cheap Russian Fuel will be for Pakistan

There was a lot of debate going on about using Russian petrol as it is cheaper than conventional imports. Many developed countries like China are also purchasing fuel from Russia for this reason. Pakistan has also started the trial run of Russian fuel, here is how cheap Russian fuel will be for Pakistan.

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Russia is giving Pakistan a discount of 18$ per barrel and the payment is being done in Chinese Yen. In our local currency, Pakistan is getting a discount of 5,000 rupees per barrel. Last year Pakistan purchased 154,000 barrels of petrol every day from Saudia Arabia which is the largest oil producer in the world.

Russian Fuel in Pakistan

Pakistan is going to inspect and test Russian fuel for its purity and performance. Based on this, they will decide of importing more fuel or not. It is estimated that their fuel will work well in Pakistan as many other developed countries are also using it. Affordable energy resources are not easy to find these days. cheaper fuel seems like a blessing in disguise.

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The fuel quality of Russian oil is not up to the mark of Arab Oils. The transportation costs are also higher. That is the reason why Russia is offering it at discounts.

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