Magvus EV Pakistan

Magvus EV, Revolution in Pakistani EV Industry

The Auto Industry of any country reflects a lot about their economical condition. Sadly our auto industry is nothing to brag about but there are a few start-ups that are determined to make things right. Magvus EV from ZYP Technologies is also one of these revolutionary start-ups. Luckily we were able to find them yesterday on the Internet and here is what we know so far!

Magvus EV Pakistan

Who are ZYP Tech and What is Magvus EV?

ZYP Technologies was formerly known as eenerge which is a California-based EV Startup but now it has reached Lahore. ZYP Technologies plan to revolutionize the 2-wheeler market of Pakitan. As per ZYP Technologies, there are 20 million fuel-powered 2wheelers on the roads of Pakistan which are causing all sorts of troubles. They plan to put an end to it through Magvus and other future products to come. ZYP Technologies are also working on a swappable batteries booth model (Fuel station for Electric Vehicles) where one can swap the battery in 2 minutes, leave their old battery to charge, and be on their way. A similar model is also being launched in India after its success in Vietnam. (Read more here)

Magvus Electric Bike:

Based on the platform of Road Prince Wego, Magvus EV is a decent-looking bike. Unless our regular EVs like Jolta, Road King, and others at least it looks new and fresh. The freshness does not end on the looks only, it has a swappable lithium-ion battery pack and a 3Kw electric motor. As per the Magvus team, this battery will serve for 5+ years and can provide a range of 120 km in the eco zone. Also, the top speed is up to 100 and it can reach 0-60kms in 6 seconds. That’s quick!

There is not much info on the price point, launch date and other details of this Electric bike. The fact is that Magvus Ev is headed in the right direction. The future of EV should look futuristic, not like an old 70cc motorcycle. We will try our best to get our hands on the Magvus EV and share details with you guys!

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