Evee C1 Pro Reservation Starts today!

A new electric start-up Evee Electric had achieved a lot of success with their first batch of electric scooters. Their first batch of scooters was displayed for test rides in Lahore and received a good gesture from end consumers. Many Motorcyclists are thinking of switching to EVs due to increasing fuel prices. Today, EVEE Electric are starting reservations for their newly launched EVEE C1 Pro. Here is what we know so far!

The EVEE C1 Pro is a new and enhanced version of the regular C1. The C1 Pro gets a better graphane battery pack with more range. The regular C1 gets dry lead batteries and has less range to offer. C1 Pro also gets a space grey body color. C1 Pro is top of line variant of this scooter. The C1 Pro is more premium and is priced at 215,000. Other accessories and pieces of equipment come as standard on both variants.


The reservation process is also pretty simple and straightforward. One can simply reserve his EVEE C1 Pro by visiting Evee. pk and click the Book Now button. A simple form appears that has basic information about the buyer and about the scooter variants. The buyer is then required to deposit 215,000 rupees in the account of Evee Electric and share the screenshot. The EVEE Electric team will contact the buyer within 24 hours with confirmation.

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Evee C1 Pro

The EVEE C1 and C1 Pro both are available for reservations. This is the second batch of EVEE Electric. The firm is very optimistic after the warm reception of their products in the market. They are also planning on localizing their scooters so that they can be available for the masses at a better rate. Also launching a pro version of C1 with better batteries to offer is also a smart move. It will help in developing a loyal customer base in the coming years.

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