Best engine oil for summer

Which Engine Oil Is Best For Summer & Why?

All of us were enjoying pleasant weather till the 1st week of April but after that, it became really hot. The Summer season is swinging by and will be here soon. If you love your motorcycle, you must be worried about which is the best engine oil to use and how you can protect your motorcycle engine. Here is why it is important and what you should do about it!

The majority of motorcycles in Pakistan are air-cooled, the cooling function is performed when the air hits the fins of the motorcycle cylinder head or cylinder block. The engine oil is also performing as a heat transfer element and helps in keeping the motorcycle cool by circulating the engine oil around the engine. During this process, engine oil loses many of its vital features due to excessive heat.

Best engine oil for summer

On contrary to that in winter the thicker engine oil usually causes starting trouble and performance issues because of being too thick and not able to circulate around the engine effectively. Thinner engine oil is preferred for use in winter. Likewise slightly thicker or higher-grade engine oil is recommended in summer.

For road conditions and environments like us in Pakistan, the on-road temperature rises during peak hours. The temperature climbs well above 50 degrees centigrade on road. In such harsh conditions an air-cooled engine’s performance declines. As a general rule of thumb, slightly heavier or thicker grade engine oil should be used in Summer to avoid any engine damage and keep the machine safe n sound.

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Now after motorcycle enthusiasts became sensitive to their machines, many motorcycle manufacturers like Atlas Honda and Yamaha introduced different engine oil grades in their motorcycle category engine oils. Earlier variety was not available in engine oils in Pakistan. Personally, I have been using 20w50 grade engine oil in the summer and 10w40 grade engine oil in the winter. This has proved good for my Yamaha YB125Z so far.

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