Hybrid Motorcycle in Pakistan

Hybrid Motorcycle in Pakistan

Hybrid cars are the best of both electric and gas-powered technologies. In Pakistan, there is a great market for imported Hybrid Vehicles. Ride Star Motorcycles has gone ahead and developed Pakistan’s first Hybrid Motorcycle. Here is what we know so far.

Ride Star Motorcycles is a local motorcycle manufacturer which is based in Okara Pakistan. They have a decent plant where they assemble and manufacture different 2-wheelers. Their main product is electric vehicles but regular motorcycles in the 70 & 100cc categories are also manufactured.

Hybrid Motorcycle in Pakistan

As fuel prices are increasing insanely and there seems to be no end to it, the manufacturer worked with a unique solution to manufacture a hybrid motorcycle. This contraption works in a simple way. The front hub is a hub motor whereas the rest of the motorcycle is simple as a Chinese 70cc motorcycle.

The motorcycle hub motor is powered by the existing battery (the battery used for the electric appliances on a motorcycle). This hub motor is not the primary driving source of this motorcycle but it is an addition. This motor aids with the mileage. If the gas-powered motor returns 50 kmpl, this electric hub motor helps in driving 30/40 km more (depends upon charging and can increase if the energy source is increased).

Ride Star Motorcycle

This Hybrid Motorcycle is a good omen, to begin with, but there are some serious shortcomings. This machine is identical to its petrol-powered variant. This looks the same but its price is at least 50 percent higher.Also, the design is typical and parts quality is compromised as compared to Honda. All of this on top of a hefty price tag is not making our local industry grow. We have asked the company to let us have a test ride of their hybrid motorcycle and the response was the same as it is expected! The detail on its price is also not avaiable online. We hope it doesn’t fail like electric bikes usually do in Pakistan.

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