Suzuki GR150 now costs 5lac rupees

Suzuki GR150 Will Now Cost 5Lac Rupees

The automobile price increase saga seems to have started. Almost all automobile manufacturers have increased their prices. Many Car and Motorcycle manufacturers have increased the prices within a span of just 3 days. These price increases have different reasons which we will be discussing today. The catch is that Suzuki GR150 will now cost 5 lac rupees.

Pak Suzuki Motors is currently one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in Pakistan. Its portfolio is vast and they are manufacturing passenger & commercial 4-wheelers as well as motorcycles. Despite being in business since 1970 they are still not capable to start local manufacturing completely and they need imported kits to assemble the products.

Pak Suzuki has recently increased its car prices and their entry-level hatchback, Suzuki Alto is above 2.5 million rupees now. Similarly, motorcycle prices have also increased a lot. Here are the brand-wise prices of Pak Suzuki Motorcycles.

Suzuki New Prices

Suzuki GD110S New Price:

Suzuki GD110S is the smallest motorcycle from Pak Suzuki. It was launched for around 140,000 rupees back in the day but now it costs 322,000 rupees. Though GD110S is an excellent quality machine but it is no more value for money now.

Suzuki GS150 New Price:

Suzuki GS150 is one of the oldest motorcycles from Suzuki in Pakistan. For almost 1 and a half decades, Suzuki is making this in Pakistan. The quality of this Suzuki 150 is compromised and it should be discontinued now. The new price of the Suzuki GS150 is 350,000 rupees and we don’t think it is worth it at all.

Suzuki GSX125 New Price:

The Suzuki GSX125 is one of the newly launched motorcycles in the 125cc segment. Though its quality is excellent as it is a fully imported motorcycle. Initially launched for 360,000 rupees the motorcycle now costs 469,000 rupees.

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Suzuki GR150 New Price:

The Suzuki GR150 is also a CKD (completely knocked down) imported from China and is assembled in Pakistan. This motorcycle used to sell at cut-price back in the day but now its new price is 501,000 rupees. Suzuki has really increased the prices flat out.

Suzuki GR150 now costs 5lac rupees


It is evident that the automobile industry is doomed. In tough times the industries usually turn up to local resources and build a way around the issue but its not going to happen in Pakistan anytime soon.

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