Yamaha Exchange Scheme

Yamaha Announces Motorcycle Exchange Scheme

Facing poor motorcycle sales and having low demand in the market, Yamaha has announced a motorcycle exchange scheme to boost sales. This is what we know so far.

After numerous price hikes, Yamaha has finally reached a stage where its sales are as low as 940 units a month. For a multi-national company, this is not acceptable and a tough situation. To remedy that, they are planning to launch an exchange scheme in which they will target other motorcycle users to trade up their motorcycles for Yamaha.

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As per Yamaha’s official Facebook page, “For a limited time only, you can bring in your old Yamaha motorcycle or any other motorcycle and exchange* it for a new Yamaha. Trade in, trade up, and rev on with Yamaha!”

Yamaha Exchange Scheme

Usually in the motorcycle exchange offer, people are exchanging different motorcycles but in this case, they can only exchange an old Yamaha for a new one. By Old Yamaha, they do not mean DYL or 2stroke Yamahas. This scheme is exclusively for an old Yamaha user (YBR Series). In this scheme, the old motorcycle will be adjusted as a down payment and the difference will be paid in 8 months without any extra markup or premium charges.

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This scheme could have been more beneficial if Yamaha had allowed other motorcycles in exchange too. What do you think of this Yamaha exchange offer, let us know in the comments.

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