Bhara Kahu Bypass

Bikers Banned At Newly Inaugurated Bhara Kahu Bypass

If you have ever traveled to Murree, You must know Bhara Kahu. It is a small town at the bank of Islamabad which connects it with Murree Hills. Due to being a town, the market and residential area traffic jams were a common sight. The Govt decided to build a bypass to divert traffic and recently the Bhara Kahu Bypass was inaugurated.

The new Bypass goes through a beautiful area and avoids traffic congestion. You might be thinking that this road will be used by everyone who is traveling to Murree or Galyat but no, this bypass is only being used by light vehicles only. Commercial heavy vehicles and motorcycles are not allowed on this bypass as of yet.

Bhara Kahu Bypass

As Motorways in Pakistan do not allow motorcyclists to use the motorways, this is not a new thing for bikers. The tourists, recreational bikers and other commuters are very displeased with this decision of CDA. As per CDA(Capital Development Authority) currently only light traffic is allowed on this bypass and it will be gradually open for heavy traffic soon. Bikers are currently not allowed as they cause accidents.

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The attitude of authorities considering bikers as a threat on the road is very surprising. The only commute of a common man is being criticized for being unsafe. Instead, Authorities should start some official riding schools and ask companies to develop safe motorcycles with modern safety features.

What do you think of this Ban on bikers at Bhara Kahu Bypass? Let us know in the comments below.

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