Where is Suzuki GSX125?

Where is Suzuki GSX125? Discontinued?

Pakistan is the world’s 5th largest motorcycle market, this is a huge opportunity for many motorcycle manufacturers across the globe. Suzuki is one of the key players in our market with many automobiles around us. Suzuki Motorcycles are globally famous but not so much in Pakistan. Last year in October Suzuki launched GSX125 but where is Suzuki GSX125? Discontinued? Here is what we know so far!

If you observe Suzuki Pakistan’s social media and other platforms, there is no mention of the Suzuki GSX125 and Gixxer 150sf. We know in the case of Gixxer 150 SF that its production is closed and it is discontinued. Suzuki difficultly sold all the remaining units on installments and other plans but no such info was shared about the GSX125.

Where is Suzuki GSX125?

Another thing is that the Suzuki showrooms also do not have many GSX125 available. Upon inquiring we were told that GSX125 is currently not available. This means two scenarios. In the first scenario, we all know that the Suzuki factory has been closed multiple times in the past few months due to a shortage of spare parts and a ban on imports. Since the GSX125 was initially imported as a CBU or completely built unit in the start.

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In the second scenario, Suzuki GSX125 is an expensive motorcycle. Currently priced at 490,000 rupees it is one of the most expensive 125cc motorcycles in Pakistan. Due to the unavailability of any leasing facility, its sales have stalled. Initially, the GSX125 was available in easy monthly installments but it was later available in cash only. Suzuki completely rolled up its installment plans in Pakistan.

Is suzuki permanently closing down in Pakistan?

If the first scenario is the actual case, then the GSX125 is not discontinued. It will be available for sale once the sales smooth out and the import ban is over. Suzuki may also start localizing it too. But if the second scenario is the case, then we should say goodbye to GSX125. It’s probably discontinued now!

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