Honda SP160

Honda SP160 Launched In India, Will It Come To Pakistan?

The motorcycle scene is thriving across the border. There are many local and foreign companies that are making and selling motorcycles there. Due to 4 times more population than Pakistan, they have 4 times more sales and more profit. Recently Honda launched its SP 160 in India. Now the enthusiasts are anticipating that will it come to Pakistan. Let’s find out.

Honda SP160 is an updated version of Honda Unicorn 160 which is an iconic motorcycle for India. Over a period of time, Unicorn was not updated but still kept on selling. A few years back it was facing serious competition from other 160cc motorcycles in India. Hence Honda India decided to update it and replace it with the SP160. Meanwhile, Pakistan gets CB150F.

Honda SP160

Mechanically and aesthetically, the SP 160 is based on Unicorn 160. It makes 13.2 hp from its 162 cc engine. It is also fuel injected for better performance and fuel efficiency. The SP160 is very good on torque too with 14.5 NM that gets it going. Overall the 5-speed gearbox is smooth and precise as it is a Honda machine after all.

Honda SP160

Unlike the Unicorn 160, the SP160 is loaded with features. It comes equipped with LED lights and a digital instrumental cluster that has loads of information. On the safety end, the SP160 gets a single-channel ABS at the front and the option of a rear disc or drum setup. The SP160 looks and feels fresh. Honda has introduced plenty of colors in the SP160 with a variety of options to choose from.

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The pricing of the Honda SP160 is very nominal compared to the competition. The SP160 is priced from 112,000 to 118,000 Indian rupees. This converts to 4 lac rupees in Pakistan. For a sum of 4 lac rupees, India has a better Honda Motorcycle as compared to Pakistan (Honda CB150F). What do you think of Honda SP160? Let us know in the comments.

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