Free Check Up

Free 14-point Motorcycle Checkup From Atlas Honda

Atlas Honda, the pioneer motorcycle-selling company in Pakistan has announced a free checkup camp for its consumers. The free service camp will be established at authorized company dealerships across Pakistan and entertain Honda customers only. Here is what we know more about the Free 14-point motorcycle checkup from Atlas Honda.

Free Check Up

On the official Atlas Honda Facebook page, the company shared that they will be inspecting customer motorcycles at different Honda motorcycle outlets in Pakistan. Usually, customers mix free inspection and free service camp. In a free service camp, the service is not charged and it is free of cost. While in a free inspection or check-up camp, the service engineer guides a customer about the items which require replacement or attention. It is up to the customer to get it fixed or not.

This current offer is available from 7th to 12th August 2023 in authorized showrooms across Pakistan. This activity is also helpful in endorsing genuine Atlas Honda Parts to its customers. Honda motorcycles are so common that they have many replicas and non-genuine parts factories going on.

Atlas Honda Motorcycles are making their way into spare parts, batteries, engine oils, and even tyres. Now Atlas Honda is developing and selling every spare part of their motorcycles. They are also selling genuine spare parts and generating revenue from this activity as well. To avail of this free check-up camp, kindly visit your nearest authorized Honda Showroom.

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