Honda Motorcycles Price Increase Again!

Honda Motorcycle Prices Increased Again!

Yet again, for the 6th time, Atlas Honda has increased its motorcycle prices in Pakistan. For a Pakistani motorcycle enthusiast, buying a new machine is impossible now. Every time you visit a Honda showroom, the motorcycles are more expensive again, Let’s have a look at how much Honda Motorcycle prices have increased again!

Honda Motorcycles Price Increase Again!

Last month, I happened to visit Honda Showroom to buy a new CD70 for my brother-in-law. At that time the CD70 was costing 154,900 rupees. Just two weeks later the same motorcycle now costs 159,000 rupees. Similarly, other motorcycle prices have also increased from 3,000 to 20,000 rupees.

The new prices are as under:

Honda CD70159,000
Honda CD70 Dream169,000
Honda Pridor209,000
Honda CG125235,000
Honda CG125 SE283,000
Honda CB125F391,000
Honda CB150F & SE494,000 (498,000)
Honda Motorcycles New Prices

Though Honda Motorcycles, proudly say that their motorcycles are localized more than 80 percent, still the ratio of price increase is massive. Inflation has literally doubled the prices as compared to last year. In such a scenario, the prices are always increasing because the motorcyclists need to commute and for that, they may be needing new motorcycles.

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What do you think of such high prices? Do let us know in the comments below.

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