Will the motorcycle also become cheaper?

Recently all the car manufacturers of Pakistan revised their prices and the cars became cheaper again. This price revision was subjected to the declining dollar rates. As per automobile manufacturers, they increased prices observing the increasing dollar rate. Luckily for us, dollar rate depreciated and they revised the prices.

Now the question arises on motorcycle and 3 wheeler manufacturers, will they also revise their prices? Majority automobiles are assembled in Pakistan with imported CKD materials. The major players in 2wheel category are Yamaha ,Suzuki and Honda. These are the market leaders and their moves are later copied by most of the local manufacturers.

In last couple of months, motorcycle prices have been increased on monthly basis. This made slow retail sales and dealers have a lot of un sold stocks at the showrooms. Consumers are shifting towards used motorcycles in their budgets. Used motorcycle market is also on the higher side.

As per our research, motorcycle manufacturers are not going to reduce their prices. In fact they are going to increase the rates from 1st September 2022 again. Motorcycle manufacturers are having lesser volumes in terms of sales and to stabilize, they’re increasing prices. This information can be again revalued once new price lists are shared.

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