2022 United US100

United US100 2022 Launched in Pakistan

United Motorcycles, Pakistan’s 2nd largest motorcycle company is known for its domestic 70,100 and 125cc motorcycles, Recently they have been rolling out their 2022 variants in the market. Just today, they have launched their US100, A 100cc commuter motorcycle in the market and claim that they have made 9 improvements in the motorcycle. Lets have a look at the new United US100 2022 Launched in Pakistan.

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2022 United US 100,the Upgrades:

In 2022 model, company has claimed to make at least 9 changes in US100. Most visible of them is the new graphics. This is a must have upgrade in any motorcycle in Pakistan. Other than that United has improved their chrome quality, frame metal quality and paint quality. The company also claims to introduce new chain adjustor elements along with new and improved rear tyre drums and sleeves for better stopping.

2022 United US 100,The Engine:

Engine wise, US100 is based on 70cc engine which is single cylinder OHC unit. It is bored out to be a 100cc (bigger piston) but it has some draw backs. This application results in many vibrations because its limited by the stroke. Also its gears and clutch box is not up to the task. This motor has a high torque but too much vibrations at higher rpms. Also it is mated to a 4 speed gear box but a 5 speed would help it smooth out with better primary and secondary gear ratios.

United US100 Specs

2022 United US 100,The Price:

Being a local manufacturer, United has earned the claim to be Pakistan’s 2nd largest brand after Honda but failed to control prices. Even though majority of this motorcycle is developed locally but company still has to rely on imported spare parts to complete its manufacturing. Recent economy and dollar fluctuations have really shaked the markets. Many manufacturers including United them selves had to close their production facility for sometime. The point is that it should be priced well under 55k but it is priced around 90k which is on higher side.


As a regular commuter motorcycle (provided the commute is under 20kms), US100 is a fine motorcycle. Any thing above that, You should consider Honda or some other motorcycle due to durability and ease of maintenance.

2022 United US100

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