Top 5 Fastest Bikes In The World 2022

Bikes are a wholly unique and magnificent piece of machinery. Only those with an affinity toward this majestic two-wheeled vehicle know what a special feeling it gives while revving at 8000+ RPM at speeds of over 180 miles per hour. We’re talking here about the fastest bikes currently in existence, the most agile, the most aggressive. Above all, we have comprised a list of the top 5 fastest bikes in the world currently holding the top spots.

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The Suzuki Hayabusa was first introduced by Suzuki back in 1999. It quickly climbed its way up to the number one spot as the fastest bike of the 20th century. It was named after the fastest Japanese bird, The Peregrine Falcon. Undoubtedly, a list without the Japanese powerhouse would look a little too simple.

Top 5 Fastest Bikes In The World 2022
Top 5 Fastest Bikes In The World 2022

Presently, the 3rd generation of Hayabusa packs a 187 HP, 1340CC engine that is a 4-Stroke, liquid-cooled DOHC, straight 4 engine. This powerful engine allows it to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.47 seconds; and the top speed of Hayabusa is electronically limited to 186 miles per hour however, with the limiter removed, some people have even gone as fast as 250+ miles per hour, which illustrates the capabilities of this Japanese masterpiece.


The Hayabusa gives you the option of 6-speed modes, out of which 3 are preset by factory default and 3 are customizable according to the user’s style of ride. All of these modes contribute to the throttle response, overall power, engine braking, shifting(quick-shifter), and traction control. In addition, the Hayabusa comes with some tempting features such as cornering ABS, launch control, and hill-hold control.


Also, due to its road presence, quite a long lifetime, and a very loyal fanbase, the Hayabusa is the bike of choice for extensive street customization, people generally make engine tweaks, change the tires, and do stuff to visually make their Hayabusa’s unique. This has all been possible because of a wide variety of readily available aftermarket parts.

4. Ducati Superlegerra V4

Whether it’s the modern-day supercars or bikes, the Italians always have had their fair share among the top spots in the exhibitions of speed and production design that are of the best.

The Ducati Superlegerra V4 isn’t the quickest motorbike on the market, but the Italian manufacturer produces some of the most unusual machines.

The Ducati Superleggera V4 is the brand’s most powerful and technologically advanced motorbike, according to the company. Unlike the Hayabusa, The Superleggera comprises a 998 cc V4 engine that generates 224 horsepower, which is impressive for the carbon-fiber heavy body, which weighs just 335.5 pounds with the optional race kit.

Top 5 Fastest Bikes In The World 2022
Top 5 Fastest Bikes In The World 2022

The Superleggera V4 is a marvel of Italian engineering which produces some astonishing figures, 0 to 60 in dead 3.0 seconds, all the way to a top speed of 200 miles per hour. By changing to a full racing exhaust system, you can increase the horsepower up to 234 HP and torque figures up to 87.7 lb-ft


Above all, it weighs 152.2 KG thanks to its carbon fiber frame and elements such as titanium and magnesium. If one had to come up with the Ducati SuperLegerra V4 in a single word, it would be “Magnificent” as it has a great power-to-weight ratio, arguably the best design in this list of the top 5 Fastest bikes, and the riders will tell you the adrenaline rush they feel at the absolute peak of its power.


This is perhaps the most unique sports bike on this list. Before discussing its uniqueness let’s first talk about the company involved which some people might not have heard of before. The MTT stands for Marine Turbine Technology; it is an American company that is responsible for the turbo shaft engine used in this bike. The transmission in the engine is a two-speed automatic which on its own is unique and distinguishes this bike from the other bikes on this list.

Top 5 Fastest Bikes In The World 2022
Top 5 Fastest Bikes In The World 2022

Now let’s talk about the main ingredient of this monstrously fast bike, the engine; it packs a 420HP Rolls Royce 250 C-20B turboshaft engine with a top speed of 226.8 miles per hour acclaiming its spot among the top 5 fastest bikes in the world. Turbo Shaft engines are ideal for bikes as they have a small size, high power output, lightweight. You often see these kinds of engines in helicopters, boats, ships, etc.


This particular turboshaft engine in the Y2K powers the rear wheel of the bike accompanied by a

two-speed transmission. Unlike the other bikes on this list, the MTT TURBINE SUPERBIKE Y2K isn’t mass produced instead, it’s produced on a special order received to the company by the buyer. An interesting fact about the turbine engine used in this bike is that it is second-hand.

Yeah, you read that right. However, MTT refurbishes the engine and extends its life.

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2. Kawasaki Ninja H2R

As featured packed and fully loaded it is, the Kawasaki Ninja is only the 2nd fastest bike on this list which might lead some of you to wonder which is the fastest bike in the world. We’ll discuss that in a bit. More importantly, the Kawasaki Ninja is the most premium, recognized, and aggressive-looking bike on this list.

Top 5 Fastest Bikes In The World 2022
Top 5 Fastest Bikes In The World 2022

Getting straight to the spec sheet, it rocks a 326 horsepower Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, In-Line Four, DOHC, 16-valve engine which means it produces 121.5 lb-ft at 12,500 rpm and can storm through the 0 to 60 MPH in just 2.93 seconds, reaching a top speed of 250 miles per hour which is a worlds fastest motorcycle record. It also has a digital ignition which is more suitable for higher RPMs and doesn’t load the engine combustion, moreover, a better burst of fire is produced by the spark plug and it requires no maintenance at all. It has a 6-speed return shift dog-ring transmission.


A dog-ring transmission is the one in which the gear changes are done in an instant with the least use of the clutch.

It has a curb weight of 216 KG, which makes it another bike other than the Superleggera V4 to have an outstanding power-to-weight ratio. The new Kawasaki Traction Control framework’s staggered modes provide riders with a more noteworthy number of settings to look over. Mode 1 is for the asphalt, Mode 2 is for the road, and Mode 3 is for wetter/slippery circumstances. A Rain

Mode is likewise accessible independently, which cutoff points power by over half. In 2017 the H2R built up some forward movement control and cornering ABS. According to Kawasaki certain technologies of their company have been evolving since their first step in the bikes industry. One among them is Launch Control. Kawasaki emphasizes a good launch in moto racing. According to them, a good launch can set you apart from the competition even by some tenths of a second.

1. Dodge Tomahawk

It’s great to see a company that is known for producing some of the best American muscle cars has now stepped foot in the sports bike segment, and with some style and force as the Dodge, Tomahawk is the top fastest ever produced. You won’t believe it when you hear that this bike has the engine of a sports car and the bike has 4 wheels. Yeah, you heard that right, the Dodge Tomahawk has borrowed its engine from the Dodge Viper SRT10 which has an 8.3-liter V10 that makes 500 horsepower.

Top 5 Fastest Bikes In The World 2022
Top 5 Fastest Bikes In The World 2022

Like the MTT turbine Y2K, it also has a 2-speed transmission but this one is a manual toe shift so the bike also has a regular chain and sprocket system. The manual transmission means the rider can Rev the bike to the most extreme RPMs. It takes 2.5 seconds to go from 0 to 60 and has a mind-blowing, devastating top speed of 300 miles per hour.


Moreover, some interesting facts about this bike are that it is not for street use, due to it having 4 wheels, many people are also confused that whether it’s a car or bike, Dodge themselves has claimed that the Tomahawk is capable of reaching a top speed of 420 miles per hour, this would make it the fastest road traveling machine in the world, but no such tests have ever been conducted, it was never made to the sale for the public as well.


Although all the bikes in this list of the fastest bikes in the world are full of safety and security features that minimize the room for major accidents and/or fatal crashes causing life-threatening, it is always better to take extra safety measures. Never forget the use of the helmet to protect your eyes from dust and your head from severe injuries. It is also significant to use reflective materials either on a bike or wearing them to be visible to others on the road. Keep all the electronics in your bag pack, and avoid using Air Pods or any gadget that acts as a barrier to road communication. Last but not least, always keep your bike in the dedicated bikers’ lane.

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