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SUZUKI GSX 125 Launch is delayed to October 2022

As we all know that Pak Suzuki announced discontinuation of its most selling Suzuki GS150SE and displayed its replacement Suzuki GSX125 in Pakistan Auto show 2022.Initially Suzuki was not telling the launch date and retail price of the GSX125 but it was raising many questions on the display of the machine.

Suzuki Pakistan is currently selling 110 and 150 cc motorcycles in Pakistan, its evident that they have 125cc class vacant and they needed something to fill that space. Suzuki GSX125 seems to be a perfect candidate and it will definitely be launched.

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Initially as per Suzuki dealerships the motorcycle was to be launched in September 2022 but due to unfavorable market conditions, floods and increasing inflation rate they have delayed the launch and now its expected in October 2022 (as per resources)This time though the price has not been committed which means its definitely going to be expensive.

Lets hope this motorcycle is worth the wait, People get a value for money and enjoyable machine.

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