Most popular motorcycle modifications of all time

Motorcycles are often treated as extensions of one’s self and they reflect a lot of info about their owners. There are very slim chances to see a stock motorcycle because every one customizes it as per his taste and budget. Today we will have a look at some basic motorcycle modifications of all times.

Free Flow Exhaust:

Free Flow Motorcycle Exhaust

This is probably the most common and most desired modification in any motorcycle. Every biker wants his motorcycle to sound loud and different. Hence they add after market exhausts which look smart and compact as compared to stock exhausts. After market exhaust not only enhance the looks, they also enhance the performance because of being light weight and free flow. Now a days a decent exhaust starts from 5 to 7 thousand rupees.

Sporty Handle Bars:

Sporty Handle Bars

Okay, so now you’re sounding loud what about the stance and handling? Its time to get  after market handle bars for your motorcycle. Handle bars are available in different sizes and shapes like clip-ons fat bars or 3 piece handle bars. These handle bars make handling sporty and crispier.

LED Lights and Turn Signals:

Led Turn signals and lights

The LED lights and turn signals have became favorite modification of many travelers and tourers as well as city commuters. The motorcyclists use bright LED lights which lit up the road ahead and provide good visibility. The issue with this modification is that they are often misused and cause trouble to oncoming traffic. This mod is personally  not recommended unless its badly required.

These are few basic and mostly done motorcycle modifications on a budget. These modifications make your motorcycle stand out in the parking lot and ake it point of discussion among other motorcycle enthusiasts.

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