GWM ORA, The chinese Volkswagen beetle

GWM or Great Wall Motors is an emerging automobile company hailing from China with a variety of different cars. Their cars are inspired by other global manufacturers like Land rover, Ford, BMW and Porsche. Recently GWM has launched chinese version of Volkswagen beetle which they call ORA.

Chinese Volkswagen Beetle

ORA is heavily inspired by the original Volkswagen beetle ,in fact thats how a beetle would have been if it was kept in production till date but there is a catch. Unlike the original beetle ORA is an EV. Ora is powered by electric motors producing 170 horsepower and hey have different batteries which offer a range up to 500 kilometers.

Chinese Volkswagen Beetle

GWM calls their Car as ORA Ballet Cat model and its launched for 28,000 $ in China. GWM says that this car is focused towards female drivers and gets many different funky colors for that matter as well.

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