Top 5 Bikes under 1 Lakh in Pakistan

A college kid always wants a cool bike but he is always short on finances. Usually they look for cheaper chinese or knock offs but this list of top 5 Bikes under 1 Lakh will help you choose a used motorcycle if you’re on a budget.

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Suzuki GS150:

The 1st on the list is Suzuki’s ugly duckling, the GS150. A Pre 2012 model will cost you just a little under 100,000 and will not cause you any issues. Make sure you purchase it wisely.

Though people never liked the looks and structure of GD110HU but man what a silky smooth ride it has, If you can find one in used market under 100k, hang on to it and never let it go. Trust me on that.

Honda was the first one to bring a cool 125cc in Pakistan, the Deluxe had the looks and features back in 2006 when it was launched. A good Deluxe will cost you any where between 80 to 95k these days.

Launched as to be the replacement of HONDA CG125, The more modern designed CG125 Dream failed to make a mark in the market. Thats why Honda later discontinued it and it can be found easily under 100k.

The best was saved for the last, its gone but not forgotten. This incredible machine will make you fall in love with it if you’re a bike guy and if you can wrench your self its the best platform.

These were my top 5 picks for used motorcycles, if you want to know how to hunt a used motorcycle, let me know through comments and I will bring that for you.

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