Things to do on a weekend with your motorcycle

You have a motorcycle which i always waiting to be ridden but its winter and you’re avoiding it. These are few things to do on a weekend with your motorcycle. Ride or no ride but must do these things

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Start IT:
Modern motorcycles usually come equipped with self starter which is battery operated, if the motorcycle is parked for many days the battery can’t be charged and it drains so one should must start the motorcycle and ride it for 20 or so kilometers to charge the battery.

Wash/Clean IT:
A clean motorcycle means its loved, a loved motorcycle means its pampered and well kept. A man is known by the way he keeps his motorcycle so keep it clean and shiny. It also helps in observing if any part is loose or damaged or needs replacement.

Check your Gear:
You should keep your riding gear in check and up to date all the time as you may need to go for a ride due to some emergency. So its better to keep the things in tip top condition!

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