Honda CB150F, Now gets over priced

Recently Atlas Honda has shared its official document with its authorized dealers about the price increase of Atlas Honda Motorcycles. The most expensive commuter motorcycle from Atlas Honda today is Honda CB150F and it is now becoming overpriced.

The CB150F was initially launched for around 160,000 back in the day. At that time it meant so much business that every thing about this motorcycle seemed to the point and accurate. It had new OHC engine, it had alloy wheels disc set up self starter and what not. On top of that it was a smooth motorcycle.

Honda CB150F
Honda CB150F

Slowly yet steadily the motorcycle prices started to climb and it was directly effected by dollar prices. The increasing dollar rates and increasing inflation didn’t stopped and now this motorcycle is priced at 303,000 and 315,000 (depending upon variants)

The point here that Atlas Honda is a motorcycle giant in Pakistan, they could have easily started locally manufacturing and producing the premium segment commuter motorcycles here but instead they didn’t.

We understand that company is getting expensive raw materials hence the motorcycle is getting expensive but at the same time we are spending too much money out side our economic circle which could have been more effective if the motorcycle was completely build in Pakistan.

The Atlas Honda CB150F is a great machine but sadly its over priced too! A price hike from Honda means Yamaha and Suzuki are also going to follow the trend. Lets hope this trend stops soon.

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