Suzuki Motorcycles Expensive again!

Suzuki Motorcycles become more expensive!

Pakistan’s motorcycle industry is nose-diving these days. After the recent hyperinflation, motorcycle prices are being revised every month now. Recently after a price increase from Yamaha and Honda, Suzuki has also increased its motorcycle prices up to 20,000 rupees. Here is what we know so far!

Like other players in our automobile industries, Suzuki is also dependent on foreign imports to manufacture motorcycles in Pakistan. Since the government has imposed a ban on luxury items and imports to control dollar trade, the automobile industry is suffering. As no manufacturer is fully localized, importing kits and raw materials is required by them to develop a vehicle.

Suzuki Motorcycles Expensive again!

Due to the shortage and ban on imports, the Suzuki Motorcycles manufacturing plant is shut down for 02 months. Because of this issue, the market has a suffocated situation. The motorcycle production is stopped, the stock is in abundance at warehouses and showrooms but customers are nowhere to be seen.The new Suzuki Motorcycle prices in Pakistan are as under:

Suzuki Motorcycles New Prices

The Suzuki Motorcycles have become expensive up to 20,000 rupees. This makes the Suzuki GD110S the most expensive 110cc in Pakistan at 335,000 rupees. Suzuki GSX125 now costs 488,000 and it is the most expensive 125cc in Pakistan. Suzuki GS150 now costs 364,000 while the GR150 now costs 521,000 rupees.

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The increasing Suzuki Motorcycle prices is an alarming situation for the company and its dealers. A dealer stated that the company is not having enough demand from the market after these high prices. Suzuki has also discontinued its installments as the prices are not stable at all. What do you think of this, do let us know in the comments! If you think Suzuki should stop making expensive motorcycles than what alternatives you will choose? Let us know your thoughts!

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