Motorcycle smuggling to Afghanistan

Motorcycle Smuggling to Afghanistan

Due to a surge in demand for two-wheelers in Afghanistan, Afghan traders are bringing in significant numbers of motorcycles produced in Pakistan every day over the Chaman border. Motorcycle smuggling to Afghanistan is becoming an issue for the local market.

Honda CG-125 motorcycles are currently unavailable in dealerships in Karachi due to price increases and a lack of motorcycles across the nation, including Quetta and other cities in Balochistan.

Motorcycle smuggling to Afghanistan

Motorcycles are being sold to Afghanistan every day along with other items, according to Dr. Attaullah Barech, a spokesman for Pakistan Customs, Quetta Collectorate, in an interview with Dawn. “Customs department is allowing the export of motorcycles to Afghanistan after completing all legal formalities,” he added.

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According to him, the majority of Afghan traders import Honda CD-70 and CG-125 motorcycles, which have a sizable market in Afghanistan. According to Dr. Barech, around 3,000 motorcycles were smuggled by Afghan traffickers via the Chaman border in the previous two and a half months. He also noted that the Honda CD-70 is more popular than heavy motorcycles in the adjacent nation.
A clearing agent working at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Haji Imran Khan Kakar, stated, “I have cleared 2,340 Honda CD-70 and 590 CG-125 in the last two months.” “They import motorcycles in parts and assemble them in Spine-Buldak and Kandahar,” he continued.

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Sources in Chaman, however, claim that numerous new and used motorcycles are also being shipped via sporadic routes to Afghanistan.

نئی ہونڈا موٹر سائیکلیں افغانستان میں سمگل کی جا رہی ہیں۔

On condition of anonymity, a businessman in the border town told Dawn that “people manage to cross the border at both sides despite fencing of the border with Afghanistan.” According to him, “About 40 to 50 motorcycles are being sent to Afghanistan through unofficial channels.”

Although there are motorcycles for sale in the Quetta market, their cost has climbed by more than 50%. According to Mr. Rasheed Shah, who owns a Honda motorcycle dealership in Quetta, “We have enough stock of Pakistani motorcycles,” and he added that the sale of motorcycles of various brands has decreased as a result of rising prices.

He claimed that numerous Honda bike dealers operate in various Balochistani cities and towns. “Most people who bring motorcycles to Afghanistan do so by buying them from. Motorcycle smuggling should be stopped!

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