Honda CD100 Cafe Racer or Splendor Pro Classic?

Is it Splendor Pro Classic or not? This is exactly what it looks like, a Honda CD100 converted into a cafe racer but it isn’t. This is not a modified motorcycle and it is not a Honda CD100 either. I know it looks identical but it is Hero Splendor Pro Classic which is a 100cc cafe racer across the border. Here is what we know so far.

For individuals who value traditional looks and an easy-riding experience, there is the Hero Splendour Pro Classic motorcycle. With its chrome finish and classic style, the bike offers a throwback appearance and feel. It was initially presented in 2015 as a limited edition model, but due to its overwhelming popularity, it has since been included permanently in Hero’s catalogue.


Retro style is one of the Hero Splendour Pro Classic’s most striking features. The bike has a single seat in the cafe racer fashion, a vintage circular speedometer, and a round headlamp with a chrome bezel. The fuel tank’s curving design is reminiscent of bikes from the 1960s and 1970s. The single seat is cosy, and the back footpegs are set up so that the passenger can ride comfortably.

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Finally, the Hero Splendour Pro Classic is a motorcycle that blends traditional design with contemporary engineering. For those who value uncomplicated riding and retro appearance, it’s a fantastic alternative. The bike is a great option for commuting or weekend outings because it is dependable, fuel-efficient, and comfortable to ride. Hero’s dedication to innovation and its capacity to create high-quality motorcycles that satisfy a variety of riders’ needs are demonstrated by the Hero Splendour Pro Classic.

Splendor Pro Classic

In 2018, the Hero Splendor Pro Classic was phased out of the Indian market. The bike was released in 2015 as a limited edition model, but due to its popularity, it was eventually added to Hero’s regular roster. However, due to low sales, Hero MotoCorp decided to terminate production after three years. The Splendour Pro Classic’s retirement was part of Hero’s aim to reduce its product portfolio and focus on more popular and profitable models. Despite being discontinued, the Splendour Pro Classic remains a popular choice among classic motorcycle lovers and collectors.

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