Hybrid Motorcycle in Pakistan

Hybrid Motorcycles in Pakistan

Pakistan is facing a tough time in its automobile sector. Automobile manufacturers are making decades-old motorcycles in Pakistan. Technology has gone way ahead in terms of form and function. Though 70cc is one of the most selling motorcycle categories in Pakistan, a local motorcycle manufacturer has developed Pakistan’s first Hybrid Motorcycle. Here is what we know so far.

Hybrid Motorcycle in Pakistan

Road King Motorcycles, a local manufacturer has started assembling hybrid motorcycles in Pakistan. The motorcycle’s dimensions are basically the same as those of a regular 70cc motorcycle and has a regular engine too. The main difference is that it has an electric motor on the front rim. This motorcycle can work easily on its petrol engine but if you run out of fuel, you can switch on the front hub motor and continue your travel. Now this Hybrid Bike is again reworked and the company has made some changes.

Why do electric bikes fail in Pakistan?

Like a common motorcycle in which power is given to the rear wheel by a chain drive, the hybrid motorcycle also has a rear hub with a chain drive and an electric motor built into it. This helps in saving space and weight for two different drive mechanisms. If you run out of fuel, simply turn on the battery power and you can travel a good 60/70 km. Though there could be a rejuvenating battery charging system it is not available here.

Hybrid Motorcycles

This hybrid motorcycle is not a proud innovation as it has the majority of parts from China that are assembled locally. Also, the technology is very basic and needs to be improved a lot. In Pakistan where the weak economic conditions had resulted in all-time high inflation, the prices of these motorcycles have gone way high. This Hybrid Motorcycle is priced close to 3 lac rupees which is an unfair price tag for this machine. It should be priced below 1 lac and should be made locally.

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