Petrol crisis in Pakistan

Petrol shortages may occur due to recent riots

Pakistan is undergoing political unrest since last year. This time though the situation has become worst. As the government arrested Former Prime Minister Imran Khan from Islamabad the day before yesterday, the riots started all over Pakistan. OMC(Oil Marketing Companies) have stated that if the situation remains the same, Petrol shortages may occur due to recent riots.

Petrol crisis in Pakistan

Petroleum dealers have issued a statement in which they have told authorities that 50% of fuel stations may be closed soon due to the unavailability of petroleum product supplies. As per the petroleum dealers association, Oil marketing companies have halted their supplies to fuel stations across Pakistan because of the riots and current political instability.

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Though authorities are trying to normalize the situation, it seems like this may take some time to diffuse. In this scenario, it is better to take precautions and refuel your motorcycles and cars well before time. Also, be safe and take care of your families and loved ones. The petrol shortages may remain for a few days.

Meanwhile, the government was optimistic to convert a majority of motorcycle users to start using electric bikes. The EVs in Pakistan are not yet matured as compared to regular fuel-powered vehicles. That is the reason electric bikes fail in Pakistan. The current political and economic situation makes it different for new entrants to start their ev business in Pakistan.

Globally many big manufacturers like Suzuki, Yamaha, and Honda are working on the platform-sharing model for electric vehicles. They are developing different electric scooters which will share the same swappable battery packs. These battery packs can be placed to charge and a new battery pack can be picked to continue the journey. This model is coming to South Asia as it is already been successfully tested in the Philippines and other areas.

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