Suzuki is launching EVERY & discontinuing BOLAN

Suzuki is Pakistan’s most-known automobile manufacturer. As the majority of vehicles are relatively cheaper to purchase & maintain, they are used by the majority of the Pakistani public. Suzuki gained success quickly back in the day when they launched a people carrier known as Suzuki Carry or Bolan in Pakistan. Since the 1980’s Bolan is in production with next to no changes. Now Suzuki is aiming to launch EVERY and thankfully discontinuing the BOLAN. Let us have a look at what EVERY has to offer.

BOLAN History:

Suzuki BOLAN

BOLAN originally started as Suzuki Carry and as the name suggests it’s a people carrier. In the 70s Carry used to have a 550cc 2-stroke engine and it was much smaller. in the 80s it was facelifted and the next generation had an 800cc 2stroke engine. It also became much boxier and roomier. In the 90’s It got yet another generation in which its engine was replaced with an 800cc 4stroke engine and it became a hi-roof model. Ever since then, Suzuki forgot to introduce any new generation in Pakistan, and Carry kept on selling as BOLAN in Pakistan. Around 2012, it was converted to EFI and it was facelifted from round to rectangular headlights with a new dashboard. AC variants were introduced but discontinued due to poor sales because BOLAN was just a low-priced people carrier. No frills were needed.


Suzuki EVERY Interior

A very simple question arises why Suzuki is bringing Every when nothing is wrong with Bolan sales? Do people still love BOLAN for what it is but why Suzuki is planning on a new vehicle? The answer to that is simple, Competition. The BOLAN was selling well until the Chinese people carrier arrived. FAW XPV was the first Chinese people carrier vehicle which gave a tough time to BOLAN. This was later followed by CHANGAN KARVAAN. Suzuki KEI Vans were already in the market but they were all JDM imports. Now thankfully Suzuki is willing to discontinue BOLAN which is a coffin on wheels due to lack of features.

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Lack of Features in BOLAN:

Suzuki BOLAN Interior

BOLAN is one of the ancient cars in Pakistan, It has not received any structural change or received any features for a long time, Lack of safety features is one of the most dangerous lacks of features in BOLAN. There is no crumple zone, no airbags, and no safety. Also, there is no ABS, no EPS, and no driver aids. The suspension is also obsolete leaf spring set up while the brakes are drum. All in all, it has no features no safety and no comfort.



Every is very premium if compared to BOLAN. It has the basic Kei car engine but its features are beyond the imagination of Suzuki Pakistan. It is loaded with safety features and has many other quirks and benefits to it. The only thing to see now is the price, If that’s right, many people will be buying EVERY.

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