Motorcycle modifications in Pakistan

Simple & Elegant Motorcycle Modifications on a Budget

Every biker wants to modify his motorcycle. It’s a symbol of one’s style and standards about automobiles. The modifications are personalizing your vehicle as per your taste and liking. Today we will share some simple & elegant motorcycle modifications on a budget.

The modifications are classified into two main types, cosmetic and mechanical modifications. The cosmetic modifications are done for visual enhancements whereas the mechanical modifications are done to enhance the performance.

Cosmetic Modifications are in trend these days, now motorcycle owners are using different equipment to enhance their motorcycle looks. The looks are mainly enhanced by choosing a good wrap on the body and using different tint paper to make your motorcycle look cool.

Motorcycle modifications in Pakistan

The motorcycle on the left is cosmetically modified. Its height is dropped to make it look aggressive, its body is wrapped into a custom vinyl. The handlebars are changed to make it ride even more aggressively. Overall this design is more sporty but less useful for daily routine. The tyres are also upgraded to have a bigger footprint too. It looks cool and also provides extra grip.

Decent Modified YBR

Mechanical modifications in Pakistan include changing the exhaust to a free-flow one. Now people also go for stage one mods which include increasing the airflow, increasing the spark, and creating a free-flow exhaust. These mods when done in harmony can really be beneficial for the machine as it increases the performance to a noticeable difference.

These modifications can be done without breaking the bank. The body modifications can be done within a budget of 5 to 7 thousand rupees easily(wraps, clip-ons, and stickers) Whereas the mechanical modifications will cost you almost 10 thousand rupees (bend, exhaust, spark plug with air filter, and a tune)

Do let us know if you are interested in mechanical modifications or cosmetic modifications of your motorcycles.

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