Retro Modified Honda CD70

Retro Modified Honda CD70

Honda CD70 is one of the most commonly used and seen motorcycles but a modified Honda CD70 is a rare sight. Today we have a retro-modified Honda CD70 from Lahore. Let us have a look at how it was modified and what changes are done to this retro-modified Honda 70.

The motorcycle in question started its life as a simple CD70. The owner of this motorcycle Mr Sameer started modifying it into a retro classic shape. This motorcycle is inspired by old design motorcycles like Royal Enfield and Honda CD200. Not only its shape was modified, but its engine was also modified.

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Engine Modifications in Honda CD70

Engine wise this motorcycle is converted into 110cc. The owner has changed its engine internals and ring pistons to modify it to 110cc. It has the same 4-speed transmission but the torque has increased by a large number. The free-flow air filter and exhaust were also added to this motorcycle for even better performance.

Retro Modified Honda CD70

Cosmetic Modifications in Honda CD70

In the looks department, this is a totally new motorcycle to look at. The biggest change is the split seat combination which looks very cool and also adds to the enhanced looks of this machine. The motorcycle also gets a completely new paint job with a two-tone colour combination and strips. Other cosmetic parts such as a headlight, speedometer, handlebar and indicators were added along with chrome fenders to add character.

Other Upgrades

The owner also upgraded its tyres for stability. A regular 70cc has very tiny tyres whereas this retro-modified CD70 has wide tyres at both ends. Its front tyre size is 70/90/17 whereas the rear tyre size is 90/90-17. It is better to have wide tyres to handle more power and provide extra road grip with enhanced looks.

Retro Modified Honda CD70

We are trying our best to review this motorcycle and we will ask its owner about all the modifications in detail. As of now that’s a wrap on this retro-modified Honda CD70 build from our side. Do let us know what you think about this build.

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