Hi-Speed SR150 Infinity

2022 Hi-Speed SR150 Infinity

Hi-Speed Motorcycles is not a new name, the Sindh Pakistan-based motorcycle manufacturer is known for manufacturing commuter motorcycles. A few years back, they changed their lineup by introducing the SR-150 Infinity cafe racer and SR-200 Freedom a cruiser. Recently they have re-launched the SR150 which was discontinued due to covid and other restrictions. Let’s have a look at the 2022 Hi-Speed SR150 Infinity Caferacer.

Hi-Speed SR 150 Infinity

Hi-Speed SR 150 Infinity:

The Hi-Speed SR150 Infinity is actually a Zongshen-built motorcycle. It was initially developed in China by Zongshen motorcycles co and Hi-Speed Motorcycles brought it into Pakistan as Infinity 150. The SR150 is a global motorcycle and it is very popular across the globe. It was a CBU (Completely Built Unit) earlier but now it seems to be imported as CKD (Completely Knocked Down) to save duties and taxes.

Hi-Speed SR150 Infinity

Hi-Speed SR 150 Infinity Specs & Features:

Specs & Features wise it is an interesting motorcycle to own. It has a cafe racer styling with retro looks and has a basic and easy engine to work on. Based on the Honda CG125 Engine is overbored to 150cc and has great torque to offer. Also, the engine is non-euro 2 which means it is even simpler to work on. Interesting thing is that it has two spark plugs but only one ignition coil. It works if one spark plug is removed or not working. It has no effect on performance it’s just an added feature. More interesting specs & features can be seen in the video below.

Hi Speed Infinity SR150 Review
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Hi-Speed SR150 Infinity Price in Pakistan:

The Hi-Speed SR 150 was initially launched for around 150 to 160,000 rupees back in the day. After covid, it was discontinued for a short period of time and now it’s again relaunched. This time though its price is almost twice. The Hi-Speed SR150 Infinity price in Pakistan is 310,000 rupees as of now. The price is definitely on the higher side and it needs to be manufactured locally so it gets affordable to the masses.

Hi-Speed SR150 Infinity

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