Marshmallow in Pakistan

Marshmallow in Pakistan

Many already know that American Singer, Songwriter, and composer Marshmallow (as he calls it) is known for his great music. What if we tell you that we have spotted marshmallow in Pakistan recently? Well if you’re still not buying it we can show his pictures riding a modified Yamaha YBR125 and attending an auto show last Sunday!

Pakistani Marshmellow

Well, meet our version of Marshmallow, a young rider from Lahore who dresses up as him and visits the auto show. Little did he know, his post has gone viral and shared by many.

Another one of Our desi marshmallow

Aneeq, a young fellow from Lahore and a member of YB CREW (A group of modified Yamaha’s & other bikes) did a very creative entry to Autoshow. Aneeq dressed like a marshmallow and entered the arena riding his YBR.

The funniest yet creative thing was that he did it all on a budget. Instead of a Marshmallows mask, he wore a white bucket that looked very similar to marshmallows mask.

Marshmallow in Pakistan

We will try to get hold of Aneeq aka marshmallow for a video real soon.

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