Zero Motorcycles by Suzuki

Not a single motorcycle made by Suzuki in Pakistan

For the last 2 months, Suzuki Motorcycles assembling plant in Karachi is closed. Suzuki has not produced a single motorcycle in Pakistan. Suzuki Motorcycle showrooms are now getting empty and the company is running out of stock. Here is what we know so far!

Pak Suzuki Motors is among the oldest Japanese automobile manufacturer working in Pakistan. Popular for their small hatchbacks locally, Suzuki is known for its motorcycles all across the globe. However, in Pakistan the situation is different. The market is captured by Honda and Yamaha. Suzuki is the third Japanese player.

Zero Motorcycles by Suzuki

Suzuki Motorcycles in Pakistan were not great as offered in the international market. The most popular motorcycle from Suzuki in Pakistan is GS150 which was later upgraded to Suzuki GS150SE. Last Year Suzuki discontinued the most loved Suzuki GS150SE and launched Suzuki GSX125 in Pakistan.

Since Suzuki is not fully localized and has to import semi-finished products from different countries, The recent inflation and import restrictions have made it very difficult for them to continue the business in Pakistan. The automobile industry of Pakistan is mainly working on the model of assembling semi-finished products. This model is not cost-effective for the end consumers and sustainable in the long run for companies.

This shortage is the reason the Suzuki Motorcycle plant is closed in Pakistan for almost 2 Months. Suzuki showrooms are running out of stock. If they continued production, Suzuki motorcycle prices would also have increased as Yamaha and Honda did recently. It is a helpless situation! Suzuki has already increased prices so much that a motorcyclist is better off buying an old Suzuki car instead of the new Suzuki GR150.

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Govt has done the right thing so far, imposing the ban will enforce the companies to make something locally. Sadly currently the automobile industry of Pakistan is not in best of its health!

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