Is Yamaha going to launch Matt Orange Yamaha YBR125G?

Yamaha is about to launch a new color variant in their cross-over Yamaha YBR125G. This information was mistakenly issued by Yamaha in their recent price increase notice. The company is coming up with Matt Orange Yamaha YBR125G. Here is what we know so far!

In 2015, Yamaha shook the market with its YBR125, and with YBR125G launched later, it seemed that better days are coming. Better and improved motorcycles are on their way but Yamaha betrayed its fans. Yamaha ended up becoming the same as Atlas Honda and started the COG Strategy. The COG stands for Color and Graphic Change.

In developing or underdeveloped markets, companies usually do not launch new variants and tend to continue old versions with minimal changes. This approach is being carried out by Yamaha in Pakistan despite the fact that the market has welcomed Yamaha openly and warmly.

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The youngsters are independent now and they are willing to put their money into a better machine. Launching a new color may be a good idea but now people know it is just a marketing gimmick! This will not attract a major audience but yes it will be another color option.

Yamaha New Price List

Yamaha should launch a 150cc motorcycle now, The more they are delaying, the more market they will continue losing. There is also a catch, Yamaha may change the color shade of red to matt orange. If we look closely, Yamaha has not shared the price revision for the red color in this document. In our opinion, Yamaha will not launch a new color but change the shade of red. Let’s see what happens next!

Yamaha is a more premium motorcycle brand as compared to Suzuki and Honda. If they continue doing what Suzuki and Honda are doing, they may end up in being like them. Good for them but bad for their fans and customers. So are you waiting for Matt Orange Yamaha YBR125G?

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