Tuning at Home

How To TUNE A Motorcycle At Home?

Though it may seem odd but there is nothing much to do in motorcycle tuning. It does not mean that workshops are useless but it means that this procedure can be done easily at home. Basic knowledge about the machine is a must and if you can use your tools wisely, you can tune your motorcycle at home easily. Here’s how.

Motorcycle Tuning:

Motorcycle tuning is a procedure that revitalizes the machine. It is a basic 3-step procedure that helps in maintaining the machine in tip-top condition. The steps include the followings.

Changing air filter

Changing engine oil

Cleaning spark plug

Changing Air Filter:

Air Filter plays a vital role in the performance of any engine. The air filter purifies the air and stops small particles of dust from getting into the engine. There are a few types of air filters which include pod filters and performance air filters. In Pakistan, the paper air filter is the most common air filter type where as some motorcycles use foam-type air filters. The most common and easy swap on a motorcycle is to change the air filter. It is a simple plug n play.

Changing Engine Oil:

Nothing smoothes a rough running machine more than a fresh oil change. Engine oil not only provides lubrication function, but it also cleans and cools the engine. The engine oil loses its viscosity with time and it dissolves many impurities in the engine. Changing engine oil is one of the easiest jobs which every biker should know. It’s as simple as cracking the drain bolt, draining all the engine oil, and then pouring fresh new engine oil.

Tuning at Home

Cleaning the Spark Plug:

The spark plug is responsible for the ignition duties inside the engine. The spark plug usually gets clogged and carbon deposits build up due to low-quality fuel and engine oil being used. This carbon build-up causes a lack of ignition, lack of performance and results in misfires. The spark plug needs to be inspected and cleaned at every engine tune-up. The spark plugs should also be replaced every 12 thousand kilometers.

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A quick go-through:

There may be many other small jobs that you need to perform during tuning so do not hesitate. There is no rule of thumb that only certain jobs will be done and certain will not be done. It is necessary to inspect the motorcycle completely and get it in tip-top condition.

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