Special Fuel For Motorcycles

Affordable Petrol for Motorcyclists in Pakistan

As Inflation has disturbed everything, it has also disturbed the middle class of Pakistan. The majority of Pakistani use motorcycles for their daily commutes and with the increasing fuel prices it was getting difficult to maintain and use motorcycles on daily basis. In a recent development, there is a small ray of hope.

As Government is trying to get fuel from Russia, they are also planning on introducing more Affordable Special Petrol for bikers only. This special fuel will only be available for motorcycles and it will be given at a subsidized rate. The rate of this special petrol will be even cheaper than the regular petrol. Now the question in your mind should be What? How is it possible? and what is this special fuel? Let us try to find the answers now.

Special Fuel For Motorcycles

Affordable Petrol, What is it?

Affordable petrol means one thing, there is something to do with the quality of the fuel. Globally the fuel quality is calculated through Octane rating which is also called RONS. The higher this rating is, the purer the fuel is. More pure fuel means more performance. This is the reason when we switch from regular petrol to High Octane, we feel the difference.

Will it work?

Why not, This will be an amazing initiative from the government and it will be highly appreciated. That is the right thing to do at this moment to ease majority of motorcyclists.

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Affordable Petrol, How is it possible?

Now that we have discussed what affordable fuel is, now let us discuss if it will work in a motorcycle or not. The majority of motorcycles in Pakistan are 70 ccs and they are regular commuter motorcycles made with the aim to maximize fuel efficiency. Commuter motorcycles do not have a high compression engine and they do not need very high-quality fuel to operate. This does not mean that 70cc can operate on impure fuel but it means that a low ron fuel will work just fine but there needs to be a minimum level of rons.

How much cost?

What will be the price of this special fuel for motorcycles? Well, the official figures are not yet disclosed however it will be affordable for a motorcyclist. It is being speculated that this special fuel will cost 50 to 60 rupees less than regular fuel. Because it will have less rons, it will not work in any car and hopefully only bikers will get benefit from it.

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