Special Fuel For Motorcycles

How To Calculate The Fuel Average?

The most common question which everyone asks about any vehicle is the fuel average. You may have been asked about the fuel consumption and fuel average of your motorcycle or car. If you own a modern vehicle, chances are it will have an inbuilt system and it will share the fuel average. But if not, before you start making a wild guess, there is a way to calculate the fuel average of your motorcycle or car.

What is Fuel Average?

Fuel Average is the calculation of how many kilometers your machine travels in 1 liter of fuel. In different countries, the fuel average is calculated on different terms. In the USA it is calculated per gallon whereas in other countries it is calculated in liters. Once we know what is fuel average, now we will focus on how to calculate the fuel average of a car or motorcycle.

How to calculate Fuel Consumption?

How to calculate Yamaha YB125Z Fuel Efficiency
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Calculate fuel consumption there are many ways to calculate the fuel consumption of any vehicle. But the most common and accurate is the bottle method. This involves a little bit of maths too. Approximately 100ml of fuel is poured into a bottle and it is connected to the carburetor or throttle body of the vehicle( bike or car). To find out exact figures, make sure the carb or throttle body is empty before you connect the bottle.

Honda Pridor Fuel Consumption
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Once you are done, set the trip meter to zero and drive your vehicle gently. Suppose your bike covered 5 kilometers in 100ml. Now it’s time to do some maths. So 5 kilometers in 100 ml that means 5 kilometers in 1000 ml which means 50 kilometers. So here you have it. Your motorcycle can do 50 kilometers to 1 liter of fuel.

This phenomenon is tested on different motorcycles and we have found some great results too. Hopefully, now you will be able to calculate the fuel average of your motorcycle. Do le us know in the comments.

Special Fuel For Motorcycles

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