Selecting Best Engine Oil for your motorcycles

In a motorcyclists life, not a single day goes by with out the discussion about engine oils, Every other day we see someone discussing a new brand of engine oil and inquiring how is it.We know that engine oil performs a number of functions including lubricating,cooling and cleaning the engine.

Usually we ignore the basic rule of selecting an engine oil,One has to select the specific engine oil type for its motorcycle or any vehicle.

Engine Oils are commonly divided in to Three types.

  1. Mineral
  2. Synthetic
  3. Blends

Mineral oils are extracted from the natural resources(crude oil) and refined to be used in engines.Because its natural material its based on carbon composites which are left over in form of sludge in the engine. Its service life is less and has more frequent changing intervals.Usually manufacturers of smaller engine capacity recommend Mineral oils as they are reasonably priced.

Synthetic oils are chemically made in a lab as per requirements. Usually such oils are used in high performance vehicles and purposefully designed to bear high temperatures & wear n tear.The change interval is much longer and the service life is also increased these oils provide maximum safety but they are expensive.

Blends are also called Semi Synthetic oils, They’re half mineral and half chemically formulated(The ratio differs in different oils as per requirements).They have properties of a mineral oil as well as synthetic oil and they perform better than the mineral oils. They have a longer service life and change interval.They’re priced between mineral and synthetic oils.

Its highly recommended that the oil you use should be as specified by the motorcycle manufacturer because usually warranty is considered to be void if user differs from the instructions of the manufacturer.

Do share with us which oil you use and why?

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