What does your motorcycle name means?

What do motorcycle acronyms mean?

In motorcycle world we see many acronyms or terms beings used extensively. Every day we see a badge on a motorcycle saying different acronyms like CBF, YBR or GS but none of us know what it actually means.

Motorcycle manufacturers usually use such words to show power or a higher brand image such as CBR or GSXR or ZXR and YZFR. The R is definitely for race but what are CB,GSX,ZX and YZF for? No one knows about them.

Many people believe that they are internal codes by which this vehicle is discussed in the factory or during production and development phases. Which seems to be true because such acronyms may make sense in the factory but for general public they are an unsolved mystery!

Do let us know in the comments if you know what such acronyms actually mean.


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