A Motorcycle rider riding his bike in heavy snowfall

How to stay warm during winter?

Winters are here at full swing but they can’t stop us from riding. We see motorcyclists riding their heart out and going extra miles even in freezing winters.Many riders ride with way too much thick jackets and gloves but winter riding gear is very smart. In fact one looks very cool in proper winter riding gear.

Add layers:

Its recommended to add layers while you ride,start with wearing a full sleeves trouser and shirt.It will keep you warm and help in keeping the cold out. You should wear your riding jacked and water proof liner to top it all off. Now you are water proof, you have protection inform of riding gear and the thermal layers will keep you warm.

Add Gadgets:

Gadgets always make the life easy, having a good set of gadgets that help you with things is always a nice thing. Now a days there are many gadgets which can make your riding better like heated grips. They take power from battery and make your handle grips warm, a nice touch in cold winter but don’t forget to wear some good riding gloves for winters.

Warm up your engine:

Cold start is a problem in winters and using a cold start engine is not recommended, oil circulation takes some time and revving a cold motor is not good for its health. Always cold start your motorcycle and try to give it couple of minutes to warm up. You can also change the oil grade to a thinner oil in winter , helping it to circulate easily.

Warm up your tires:

Cold tires are not as grippy as warm tires could be. Rubber contracts when it is exposed to cold and lacks grip. To increase the grip warm up your tires by riding it slowly and gently in a criss cross manner, warming up the tires so you can grip the road better. Also look for slippery road, black ice and snow or crystals which can cause skidding. Ride cautiously.

Increase visibility & maintain distance:

Usually winters are foggy and visibility is always an issue in riding motorcycle. Wearing a reflective jacket is very important as it makes you visible.When its exposed to light, it shines and makes one more obvious. Maintaining distance while riding is very important, due to winters, roads are slippery and braking takes more times. This can make riding difficult and increasing the braking distance is always a safer option to ride safe.


Riding is what we have to do what so ever, we can keep ourselves safe by doing safer riding.Do share if you find these tips useful.

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