Honda Motorcycles New Prices

Honda Motorcycles Prices Increased

The price hikes, inflation, and decreasing value of the Pak rupee have become the fate of us Pakistanis. A well-reputed Honda motorcycle dealer has shared new Honda Motorcycle prices which are going to be applicable from 1st February 2023. These new prices are a result of dollar fluctuation and inflation caused in Pakistan due to socio-political and economical unrest.

Honda Prices:

Honda Motorcycle New Prices

The new Honda Motorcycle prices are as under:

The Honda CD70 will now cost 128,900 rupees.

The Honda CD70 Dream will now cost 137,900 rupees.

The Honda Pridor will now cost 170,900 rupees.

The Honda CG125 will now cost 194,900 rupees.

The Honda CG125SE will now cost 230,900 rupees.

The Honda CB125F will now cost 305,900 rupees

The Honda CB150F will now cost 383,900 rupees.

The Honda CB150F SE will now cost 387,900 rupees.

Looks like now an EV Moped is the only solution left.

Why so high prices:

The reason for this price hike is very simple. The recent political and economical unrest resulted in many economical changes. One of which was the dollar rate. Being a consumer nation we do not manufacture anything but rather import from others. This costs us a lot of money and the lack of dollars creates more demand for them. This demand gap determines the price of the dollar and it is on a roll these days.

Honda Motorcycles New Prices

What to do?

The best thing in such a scenario is to stop any new buying and go for other options. Since other options are much more limited and expensive in Pakistan. Many people have to buy overpriced motorcycles at a premium. Also, it is advised to get a good well-used motorcycle and build it to your own taste. This way you will save good money and also enjoy building your own motorcycle. I am doing similar in my latest motorcycle build series on our youtube channel. Make sure you follow it for knowledge and entertainment!

Old Honda CG125 Budget Build
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