Honda CG125 & CG125SE 2023 New Prices

Yesterday the internet was taken by the news of a new price hike from Honda. The top-selling variant Honda CG125 & its updated version CG125SE prices were revised. This is the first price hike from Honda in 2023.

New Prices

The new prices are always associated with dollar prices. This time though our economy is in a very poor state as well. The new prices of Honda CG125 & CG125SE 2023 are as under.

New Prices

Honda CG125 2023 New Price:

The 2023 Honda CG125 is identical to the old model year. If something has increased it is the price and Honda have changed its graphics. In rural markets, CG125 is loved as the ultimate and premium 125cc motorcycle. This is the main reason Honda is not changing a dime on its CG15 because it is so popular formula. Honda thinks that if they change CG125, it may hurt their sales and they may go down.

Previously Honda has experimented with Honda CG125 Deluxe and CG125 Dream but they failed to bring any more young consumers into the Honda network and Honda had to discontinue them.


Honda CG125SE 2023 New Price:

The only thing Honda has been successful with after CG125 is the special edition CG125. The main difference between CG125 and CG125S is the addition of a self-starter, 5th gear, and some other mechanical bits. Surprisingly the CG125SE rides much better than the CG125 because it is heavier and has a more stable weight distribution. The styling is somewhat different with chrome side covers and a flat black or red paint job. The other things are almost the same.

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Why people still buy Honda CG125 & 125SE:

In Pakistan, a motorcycle may be a mode of transportation but it is also an asset. People here like to do safe investments and get good returns. In this regard, many consumers tend to purchase Honda because it has maximum resale and it is one of the ideals when it comes to commuter motorcycles. There is no denying that Honda drives the market and only Honda can change the face of local market!

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