How to save petrol on a motorcycle?

How to save petrol on a motorcycle

As the fuel prices are touching an all-time high of 250 rupees per liter, a motorcyclist is left with two choices. Either he parks his motorcycle and starts riding a bicycle or he starts saving fuel by applying some common techniques. I think many motorcyclists will agree to later and here is everything you need to know on how to save fuel and petrol on a motorcycle.

Keep your engines tuned!

Keep it maintained to save fuel:

It is best to have a well-maintained motorcycle and regularly clean air filters, carburetors, and spark plugs of your motorcycle. As these three things are directly related to the combustion cycle, they help in increasing fuel efficiency.

Do not neglect any engine issues & save fuel:

In case any engine issue is creeping into your motorcycle like lack of compression, lack of pick up, and clutch drag, it is better to address the issue. A dieng or weak engine consumes more fuel and puts a dent in your wallet.

Tyres Air Pressure:

This is the most neglected point where many of us make mistakes. An underinflated tyre will produce more drag on the road (as the surface area will increase) This will increase road grip but decrease fuel efficiency. Similarly, an over-inflated tyre has less surface area, and it will be dangerous to ride on the occasion of hard braking or quick maneuvering.

How to save petrol on a motorcycle?

No Loud Exhausts:

Free flow and loud exhausts may give you the top speed you want but they also rob you of fuel efficiency. This puts more load on the engine and wastes more fuel. If you want to save fuel, a free-flow exhaust is not good.

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Do Not Miss Oil Changes:

Dirty engine oil can cause many issues too, do not miss your engine oil changes as per the consumption and always go for reputed engine oil. Better choose what the manufacturer has suggested.

Control Over Speeding:

This not only wastes fuel but is also dangerous. Better ride safely and calmly to save fuel and be safe. Riding in the economy zone is best for a bike and on a wallet!

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